Naslov: The IP of your site got into SPAMHAUS

Poruka: Secure afternoon, my rank is Mike or Victoria) and if you are reading this bulletin, it means that I and uncountable others can ignore your protection system.
This can partake of a bad impact on the name of the locale or the locale may tumble second to filters in comprehensive, and regular worse, scammers can utilize the location for grisly purposes.
My sites also suffered from spam and noxious bots, but I be undergoing found a solution and I will share out it with you fully released of charge.
I intention not time off links, it is safer to write to me close email and I ordain hillock you how I overcame spam on my sites.
Write true up to date: or copy and past browser

I answer within a heyday, the message may become into the spam of your correspondence service.



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